which pick up is better, i'm replacing my pick ups for my epiphone custom and i would like to know the difference in sound between the two of them
a burstbucker is a 59 classic and thus is a little hotter and a little better at rock whereas the 57 classics are tuned a little more tward blues but they are both awesome pickups.
I have 57 classic plus in the bridge and a 57 classic in the neck of my Epi. They sound amazing for classic rock. Theyre also not too shabby for punk. The cleans sound good as well. But, as stated in the post above me, they are excellent for blues. Theyre both a good choice. If you were going to get the 57 classic, get a plus, theyre a bit hotter.
Epiphone Goth Les Paul Studio with 57 classic and 57 classic plus.

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