My friend has a Peavey raptor plus exp and its in really good condition but are these guitars any good? any and all input would be great
:O no not rlly, i dont think. i think theyre made of agathis why do you ask? do u want a new guitar? if you like the feel and sound of it, just go for it, or be like jack white: "I use my Airline becuase I feel I can make nothing,something." -Jack White

I agree ^^

Peavey is good with amps but not so much with guitars.

But if you want it, go for it.

Nobody can tell you what kind of guitar fits you.
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Are you buying one new or buying it off your friend?
If you're buying one new, check out a Yamaha Pacifica or Squier Strat for beginner guitars. Or an Ibanez, which are also pretty cheap.