Sounds a TON like Insomnium, although he actually sings the clean part instead of whisper/talking during them. And not like sounding like Insomnium is bad although I don't think these guys do it quite as well, but it's hard to tell from such short samples. I shall have to delve further. Good find though.
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I've only hear 4 of their songs, but my favorite are Slain Memories, and the Dream and the Escape. They sound like they have a lot of potential. I read all their biographies on their site of each member. Quite Interesting stories so I look forward to hearing more of them.
Damn, their new album kicks so much ass. Anatomy of life is a great album. It was definitely worth my money. They have some great tempos and the music is still quite melancholic. I'm glad I gave these guys another listen.
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