Ok i was wanting to know if i should get the Schecter hellraiser fr, or the schecter c1 classic. I am in jazz band and i will be playing some good rally songs in a basketball pep band(back in black, enter sandman, crazytrain, stacy's mom,etc.) and i need something that is fairly easy to maintain and really versatile to, since im not really on a style of guitar yet. So any body got any advice?
The C-1 classic is going to be way more versatile, especially for a Jazz band. But then again, I hate schecters, so don't be fooled by homosexual inlays, ya get what ya pay for.
^The C-1 XXX has stripper inlays though
But yeah, go for the Classic
EDIT: or better yet, a Blackjack (most versatile pups on a schecter)
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despite my love affair with hellraisers, the classic would be better for you
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go with the classic,

and hey i take pride in those "homosexual inlays" so back off lol, only reason y i got it lol
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i am sooo glad you made this post! i am thinking of buying one of the exact same 2 guitars and i play the exact same music as you (well, not the jazz, but the ac/dc and metallica and stacy's mom). after reading this im gona go for the classic, it looks better aswell. but i have had some feedback from a guy who owns one and ive been told that it doesnt look as good in blue and the gold can wear off.

once again, thanks for making this thread, it helped me haha, hope it helps you 2
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