First, I wanted to know how good DiMarzio pickups are, but I've been looking at them and want to know if this setup in my strat (which I'm giving a complete revamp to) would do the job. I'd like to be able to play a wide variety of styles, so I was wondering if this setup would be good.

Bridge - DiMarzio Fast Track 2 DP182
Middle - VirtuAL 2 Middle DP408
Neck - Pro Track DP188

I play a lot of metal and heavier stuff, but I like playing a lot of blues and jazzy stuff as well. I can't afford a whole new guitar, so I have to settle for new pups.
If you want to play metal AND jazz then I suggest getting a new guitar, for example my les paul works, but if you dont, just make sure to get humbuckers for metal, humbuckers are also good for jazz, and you can do blues with either.