alright so, I am going to show this to the band and see if we can work on this and ****, get their opinons, I would like your opinons too, now Im not the singer, but thats how I think the vocals should be, and the solo meh , I was just messing around can't remember what I played. But when we really start working on it we shall worry about that more, but this is a demo for now, and I was just asking if I can get your opinions, what I should change and stuff, thanks ahead in time Oh and here are the lyrics cause I know when im singing its like Im just mumbling and sounds like **** anyways. I'm not the singer hahaha.

Purple Sky - No End

I will lead you to
The core of my mind
Just so you can last
Forever in time

Now you are right here
Entered very clear
All my eyes can see
Are winds vanishing seas

Purple sky
Leave my mind
Purple sky
Leave me time

You aren?t so bad
I can trust you to
Lift me up so high
And reach you anytime

So you can stay awhile
Eclipsing my Sun
Letting the moon win
Promise me some fun

Purple sky
Stay by my side
Purple sky
I won?t let you die

I guess I trusted you
Way to much for me
To see what you could do
While you were in me
Now I have nothing thank you

Purple sky
Show the sun
Purple sky
Let me die

Purple sky? I thank you?

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Liking the intro. Good weirdness. Good guitar tone, but the singing was quite poor. Your voice sounded quite weak and you weren't in the key. So work on the vox.

Pretty good songwriting, maybe a bit long-ish. Liked some of your ideas.

The production could've been hotter.

Twas a good attempt. Keep it up!

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haha, cool, I liked the intro too. Guitarwork sounds cool, a little repetitive, but cool, goes with the theme. I liked the tone of it too. I realize you're not the singer, but it's pretty distracting. I'd like to hear a better attempt at singing it, the lyrics are cool, but it gets to be a little long with the same kind of singing. Solo was cool too, fit well with it. I would shorten it, and get a singer to put down your lyrics, it could be a really cool tune. With more powerful singing and dynamics, I think the verse and chorus will stand out more too. Cool idea man.
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crazy cool intro.......nice use of effects....when the vox come in it's pretty creepy i must say though, it kinda sounds out off pitch...i dont know if it's supposed to, but i think a second take on the vox would be a good idea too....and some drums for sure....overall i think this is a great foundation for something better, it leaves much to improve upon...not saying it's bad now, just has something to be desired....the solo is really a climax in my opinion too, great tone, nice work!

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