I can see the other side of everything from where I stand
it's demanding, finding news ways to say I can't, I can't

and before the day I die I will roam the earth by plane
let the skies take me to the places estranged from land

anyone who knows her knows the sweetest bees leave the bitterest honey
and everyone wants a taste of not how it was but the way it should be

good love makes trouble
good love makes trouble

if we rub our legs together we both get friction
enough to make us wanna do it, do it again
guaranteed to make anyone feel better
designed to reciprocate every movement

oxygen, can only get you so far
nitrogen, to make it all softer
hydrogen, to turn it into water
saliva, won't taste so good from her mouth

good love makes trouble for young blood

getting f*cked, is no excuse to be f*cked up
tell that to the court son, tell that to your mom

these would be my first attempt at lyric writing
if you can suggest any way to rise about the heap of emo nonsense without beauty or meaning, please do
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sounds as if it were a poem, or an acoustic song, i like it

acoustic? it says ****ed up twice in it.
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it took you 15 consecutive hours of practice to realize that playing guitar makes you better at playing guitar. congratulations.

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