Full Throttle

Taking life to the farthest and putting it at risk.

Bashing your enemies, clashing with escapees
Turn them all to dust when you?re done with them
Running to teach them, trying to preach them
Why we all have to stay, don?t go far

You?re a wrong runaway
Keeping it bottled inside you is the best
You?ll find out someway
Reaping the pain of a fallen, give it to me

Full throttle, it takes me down and down again
Full throttle, it makes me feel like I?m the ?one?
Full throttle, you?re making me feel down inside it
Full throttle, begin your life a different way

Eliminating your control, discriminating all your foes
Making sure that you?re all ready
Destroying the straw that draws, bleeding out all the cause
Now you know that it means pain

Guitar solo

Bleeding out the pain that felt so good
Realizing that everybody lost their civil ways
Changing gears and running faster again
I?d love to show you how