no really, who the **** is this dude? i found this video on a shredding thread and my ears almost blead.


FYI, i'm not from this scene, i'm actually a DJ but have a recent interest in rock. he has great technique but this sweep picking solo is ridiculous. is this even respected in the music community or is this dude a joker?
joker, its all to fast and boring. Guthrie govan is where its at now, and marty friedman is pretty rocking too.
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This might be better posted in the Shred Forum.


But yea, he's boring, it's a random blur.
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You guys seen the youtube video of Michael Batio where he plays notes and farting sounds make the noise, saw it the other day and it was ****ing hilarious.

Also the one with Yngwie(sp) one with the arnold voice.
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Lol , youtube is down for maintennce so i cant see this video . .
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I love the song Dark Matter.
Hes fast but can be boring so i only listen to him occasionally.
And this should go in the shred forum....
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Very fast , very hard to play but very boring and pointless.
I put a dollar in a change machine. Nothing changed.