This is my first attempt at lyrics that I actually feel confident in. The chorus is played in double time compared to the verses and it's just vox and an acoustic. I run on constructive criticism, so let me have it.

(Verse I)
So, what makes you think I can make it on my own?
On your own, what makes you feel like you can find the door?
Find the door, what tells you that outside is what you're looking for?
Looking for, do you even know what you're looking for?
Can you drive all night in the summertime?
Drive along the Atlantic coastline?
Can you stop in the cities and stop in the bays?
Can you make it back home one of these days?

Can you find yourself out on the pavement?
Or realize that you aren't there?
Can you finally see what I meant?
Can you finally see that I care?
(Verse II)
So, how'd you get so sick and cold?
Sick and cold, is it that you're out there on the road?
On the road, aren't you so damn tired and alone?
So alone, I'll beg the streetlights to guide you home.
(Chorus repeats)
(Chorus repeats at the same pace of the verses)

Thanks for any criticism.
It's just one voice, no echo. I just repeat the end of the last line at the start of the next. Can you please say something constructive?
I like it too i think its very good
It leaves some to the imagination even im kind of wondering exactly what the relationship is between these two people
and where the other person is
if thats what you were goin for
or maybe im completely off
Hey thanks guys. It is my first song, so I'm happy to hear such positive feedback. I'll go crit for crit. Keep the comments coming.