did you change the strings? cause that will happen on occasion if the strings are old or somthing, it happened to my takamine, and then when i put some new strings on it, it sound 100x better
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yeah it will lose a lot of brightness if the strings are old, but also some guitars just sound deeper than others.
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Yeah, I changed the strings, but If I strum a chord using my nail, it sound nice, but when I use a pick, its just to deep, maybe im strumming to hard?
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Yeah, I changed the strings, but If I strum a chord using my nail, it sound nice, but when I use a pick, its just to deep, maybe im strumming to hard?

maybe try a lighter pick?...
I'm going to guess its the guitar. Ibanez acoustics aren't very good in the first places, and this one is made of all laminated wood. The laminated top will not ever ring the way a solid wood top does.

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Allright, thanks guys, and Im using D'Addario strings right now. Maybe when I get $15 ill go try out the Elixers
make sure you are not muting any strings when you play open chords or chords that have the top strings open. Thats what i used to do, and it makes chords sound dead.
^ He baought what he liked and that should make no difference to you... although I don't like Ibanez acoustics either... it was his choice and he's the one who has to live with it. Your post was absolutley no help at all and you should have just STFU and moved on.

Now... on to the problem at hand.

Read through this thread: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=416490
Its roughly about the same "problems" you're having. See if anything there might help you out.
If you are sure that it's not the way you play and that it's not that the strings are old then heavier strings are the only thing I can think of that will brighten the tone without voiding the warranty.

If you feel like living on the edge then you could drill a sound port in the side, make the sound hole bigger, reach inside the guitar and sand down the bridge plate a little bit or glue an extra brace inside the guitar under the bridge plate.
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after looking at the guitar, i'd be really surprised if this guitar has much of a bass response (based on the body and the woods). i'm not saying the guitar doesn't have any bass sound to it, but i'd be really surprised if it was the prominent range. so i'm thinking that when you are describing the sound as too deep, you might mean it's muddy and dull. would that maybe be another way to describe it?
^did you find a list of product specs somewhere? Why would you think that this wouldn't be a bassy instrument? I'm not asking to be a smart ass, I'm asking because I can't find a spec sheet anywhere. All the websites tell you noting and then give you an email for Ibanez service if you want to ask questions.

Jumbo body guitars usually have a lot of bass and a loud high end as well. The problem with the jumbo's is that people think the notes bled together too much, or that they lack definition and clarity. That is the price you pay for that naturally EQ's tone of the Jumbo. If I could see an actual spec sheet for the guitar I could do a little better than speak about jumbo's in general and I could actually tell you something about your jumb.
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