A couple years ago my parents bought me a Johnson acoustic, I have no clue what kind but its blue, and I really don't think it has very good tone at all meaning that it prolly was a cheap guitar. What would be a descent acoustic guitar for roughly $150 or less(could i even get a descent acoustic for that price?) I don't need brand names either cuz they just basically sell ya the name. Thanks
You can get a Fender Squier acoustic for $100 bucks. That's what I play and it sounds good, the action isn't as good as a regular fender but its good enough.
Try pawn shops. Look at the guitars carefully and jot down a few notes such as brand name and model numbers...

Then come back here and ask about that specific guitar, or look them up yourself.

You're not going to get very much for $150... unless you hit pawn shops where you might find a bargain. I know... I've done it a few times myself.
....ma sis got Yamaha C-40, maybe around 110$ or something, there are guitars which are ofcourse better but more in price too, so i donno, you can check it out.
For that price I would look at cruiser crafter (or it might be Ashland now) fi you can get them in the states (bet you can). There standard acoustic is amazing for the price in sound and build and they cost £79 over here in the UK (I only know that cos they are in the shop I work at).

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The Washburn D-10 (at $199. from MF) is the #1 selling acoustic guitar in the world. Must be doing something right.
Still cheaper is the Epiphone D-15.
I'm not big fan of MF due to the fact that they sell guitars w/no set-up provided. But a plus fpr Epiphones is that they are set-up in America after they've been shipped from China. I recently went to help a friend pick a budget beginner guitar at GC, and the DR-15 at $135. OTD was IMO the best buy in the $150 or less price range.
Not that GC doesn't carry Washburn.
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