This is a tune that I'm still not finished with quite yet, although it's years old now.

I'm happy with what I wrote, but not happy with some of the "quirks" that are in it.

It needs to be redone, and I plan on doing that. But for some reason, I caught something with this song that I think can be made into something a lot better.
wow man, really catchy, this is awesome. I really love how well the melody works with the solo you are playing, like how an instrumental "should" sound. It's got all the elements I'm trying to work on, a theme, changing verses and transitions to take it other directions, building to intensity, phrasing, it's all there. I really dig it man. Excellent playing too, killer chops. Only thing I was waiting for was a definite ending, other than that there is nothing I can say except kickass. Great tone, cool mix, excellent work man.
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Thanks a ton.

It's a song that I'm still working on. I wanted to make it much longer than it is, and in particular pay more attention to the ending theme and treat that almost like a 2nd bridge section.

But I haven't found a way to bring that back in with the main theme of the song in a way that I'm happy with.

Most of the stuff I write just sort of happens, and happens very quickly. But with this one, it's been off and on since I started on it. It really bugs me sometimes because I think I have something with this tune that is special and far and above anything I've written so far.

What's funny about it is that when I had the original idea, the tempo was about 30 bpm slower than what it is on this recording. I was going to scrap the idea completely and decided to "up" the tempo as a last-ditch effort to keep it alive.

As soon as I did it, I realized that it made a world of difference.
There won't be any vocals on any of the instrumental stuff I put online.

I can sing, but I've got the range of an oven.

All of my stuff is strictly written for guitar as the focal point...and that's probably because that's the kind of thing I listen to most of the time.

Not that I have an aversion towards vocalists.......

They have their place. Like turning themselves into a freak circus act, drinking the last beer, screwing every wife in the band and then having the audacity to call an impromptu 3-way, putting their feet on MY monitor (it's my monitor bitch, stay away), lighting a guitar on fire, lighting a drum kit on fire, lighting the drummer on fire (which really drew no criticism from the rest of the band), calling my Mom at 3 AM after last call trying to pass himself off as a Social Security Agent, inviting my Mom into the impromptu 3-way, and last but not least.....trying to direct traffic in the middle of Chicago so he can flag a cab.

Singers are the shiznittz