i have this song by dream theatre...it says its called the root of all evil so i looked up the tab and it didnt match. I thought well mabey i'm playing it wrong so i looked up the lyrics and they dont match either. Its definitely a dream theatre song but i dont know the name. Can someone tell me the name cuz i want to get the tab for it.

It starts off with an acoustic intro...and then the electric throws down some hard power chords over the acoustic and then another guitar comes in with an intro solo

some lyrics are...Fear, tormenting me..."something" wont let me be......

Retestify!!!!, (i think)
kill the pain that dwells inside!!!!

those are some of the lyrics that if you heard the song, you'd know it right away...because i aalways sing this to my self when im doin stuff or im bored

Anyways someone please help!!!!
dream theater
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Maybe is the James La Brie solo album.

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It's "James Labrie - Crucify". For future reference if you hear a song and catch some of the lyrics, type the lyrics you caught and the word 'lyrics' into google. (like this in this case)