Since shred is so theory intensive and often requires formal training of music theory; reading music would obviously give some kind of advantage ... so do most shredders like Vai, Yngwie, Satch learn to read music... or can they do without it??
I would hope so...
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yep basically they all do. I know for a fact Vai and Petrucci do, because you cant graduate Berklee without being able to read music, and malmsteen can because he transcribed classical tunes into sheet music. Im not sure about satriani.
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Marty can't, I'm most sure of it.
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I'm pretty sure most can, I mean tabs weren't always so popular so they must have read music at one time or another.
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Well, what i know about Yngwie is that her sister plays classical guitar, thats where he got his 1st thing going on (besides watching Hendrix died on tv). And yeah, given that her sister plays classical, most likely she had some music pieces on bach, vivaldi and whatnot lying around the house.

Hmmm, Satch...i think he said something in "The Satch Tapes" but im not quite sure or remember it.
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Thats what she said...
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if you want to be good, learn to read music. You'll rule the world.
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There are very few shredders that can't read music and the people who can't are probably just bordering on shred music (such as Eric Johnson).
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^i doubt eric can't read.

satch can read cuz he studied in berklee and bout those new speed-pickers like tiago and the other bedroom guitarists i donno if they can read or not but i doubt they can.
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The one's you listed can, in fact one of Vai's on-stage "moves" was to sight read music that was handed to him from the audience. John Petrucci, Eric Johnson, and all the rest can read music
Eric can read it, but he's desperately slow at it according to himself.

I can read, but I can't sight read. Not because I haven't tried, but because my eyes are damaged and I can't focus quick enough to be able to do it.
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Didn't most of the above-named, big-time shredders grow up in a time where most of what u learned was by ear?

I'm sure that's how Yngwie picked up most of the pieces he knows...
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yes, there wasn't a readily-available-tab-of-any-song-imaginable site back then

man, tabs have made guitarists so lazy
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Marty can't, I'm most sure of it.

marty can't read sheet music? i figured he could, maybe not face-reading but i've heard most of his stuff has a lot of classical influence,
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