does anyone have a link -or the time to tab out- each position of the major scale? i'm going through this book right now, and it only gives 1 position, i want to be able to practice it all the way up and down the neck, well, to the 12th fret is where i practice to, then you dont need to know the 2nd half. anyways, any help would be marvelous

p.s. if this thread has been done before and i haven't found it in the first few pages, a link to that would be sufficient as well, provided i get the positions i'm looking for.

p.p.s. no jokes about how the only position you'll ever need is 'the wheelbarrow'
i know that much, i want all the positions in 1 key that connect together all the way up the neck, 1 position doesnt' make for much practice, or much of a solo.
i dont think it's modes, it could be, but i think i'm thinking more along the lines of "boxes"
magicninja, he's looking for all the fingering positions from frets 1-12 of a single scale, not the fingering positions for certain frets for any scale.
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