I'm looking for some good acoustic/clean electric songs that sound kind of creepy or mysterious. Minor chords are good, any good progressions. I kinda like just strumming around with Am to Em to Dm. ANy other good chord progressions to give me that "eerie" sound?? Picking also. Send me the tabs if you have them or tell me some songs that have my desired sound. Thanks
try making your own chords. maybe take a chord and either add or take away finger positions to see what sounds best. thats a pretty good way to get an "errie" sounding chord. i think augmented chords sound pretty weird, at least i think its augmented chords im thinking about.

go to www.all-guitar-chords.com and go to the jam section. it allows you to make progressions and put what ever chords so you can hear how they sound and you can also see how to play them.
Try 'Is anybody out there?' by Pink Floyd. Minor arpegios can do wonders