Wish I could get to the bottom of exactly what this means. I've seen a few of these and something seems rotten in Denmark about them.

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"Ask seller a question"?
a guy told me that the tremolo bar was called the "distortionator"
No replies=pwned.

Meh...Sorry, I'm just bored. I've played that Zakk Wylde model, though. I don't like the feel of Les Pauls.
Could be:

* Object Exchange Model
* Office of Emergency Management
* Oracle Enterprise Manager
* Original Equipment Manufacturer
^ Exacto mundo. It means it doesn't come with much just the product. No manual or anything. It doesn't mean its some POS or fake.
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I'm betting on Original Equipment Manufacturer.

This means there are no mods on it. All the equipment is Epiphone parts.
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What it mean is that all the electronics are genuine epihpone parts, and every thing else are "genuine" no-name brand parts. so its epiphone electronics in a cheap knock-off body
the body has a odd shape ne way, doesnt look like a real Zakk les style, or a epi les body ne way,the single cut looks like it has to much of a dip, and the body has a weird contour
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OEM = Original Equipment Manufacturer. Something doesnt look right with that one....