To the moderators: I know, wrong forum. One thing though. Everyone needs to hear this. What if they sue, and OLGA loses? Is Ultimate Guitar going to be their next victim? That's why I'm posting this in EVERY forum, no exceptions.

I just went to get a tab for "Sad But True" by Metallica. I clicked on a page on Google, and what do I see? The Online Guitar Archive, or OLGA, as it's known, has been shut down. Why? Because they have been given an ultimatum.

They recieved a "take down" letter, from the National Music Publisher's Association, (NMPA) and the Music Publisher's Association of The United States (MPA). This letter states that all of the tablatures that they have on their archive are copyright infringements, and that they must immediately be removed. They cited Detroit Rock City, among several others.

Since when is it illegal for people to get a tab online to try and learn a song? As far as I'm concerned, if KISS is going to sue OLGA, I'm no longer a KISS fan. That is how I operate. I don't know what you might do, but I can make a suggestion. I suggest we spread awareness. What will happen if there's a lawsuit and OLGA loses? Everyone will have the choice of either buy a tab book, or learn by ear. If one tab site falls, all of the rest will follow. My question is, why in the world is OLGA in their sights? What did OLGA ever do to anybody? I don't know what you'll think, but... This makes me angry. I hope you'll all help me at least get the musical community complaining.

I can understand that these people want to sell their tab books. However, what they don't get is, if people want free tabs, they'll have them one way or another.
What will I do if tab sites start dropping like flies? This isn't all about the money either. They're trying to make a point. They're trying to make an example. It sickens me. I can only learn so much by ear. A guitarist like me can't just sit down and learn "Eruption" by ear in a day. It takes weeks. My ear isn't well trained yet. I've seen great guitarists whose musical ear can pick out notes, but it's no good for learning songs...

What are we to do? I used to go to OLGA non-stop. Now I find some tabs elsewhere, but I still check there every time. I will be quite saddened if they have to shut down permanently.

To read all of the letter, go here

I know, these people have copyrighted material.
However, it isn't fair to us to suffer just so a few bands can keep a couple thousand dollars.
I wouldn't go buy their tab books now anyway.
Now I'm angry at them.
If they don't want their fans angry, they should comply with their our wishes to a point.

I'd like to know what you think.

Sound off!
And, if you'd like, send off an email to the OLGA webmaster, if he's still accessible in this mess. Send a letter to the lawyers on the other side, and tell them that they're all being jackasses. Make your voice heard! One person alone can't fix this but several hundred thousand pissed off musicians can!
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These lawsuits are old news. Mxtabs is long gone, as is Taborama. It's sad. And pissed off musicians aren't going to do a thing. Unfortunately this is a losing battle. But forums are allowed, therefor tab requests are allowed. Before it's too late, somebody needs to set up a system for that, because the lawyers can't go after forums without the **** hitting the fan.