Ok guys, i've been wanting to upgrade the pickups in my dean. Its a Dean Noir ML and its made of basswood. I mostly play metal/hard rock with it. So i need something that will give me plenty of chunk but still maintain clairty for leads. Im aiming for a kerry king like tone. I don't want any active pickups either. To much hassle with batterys and whatnot. So any suggestions?
Kerry King uses active EMG's. i dont know of any way to get his sound with out them and badass marshals.

the EMG's come with soderless quick connectors and the bateries dont die all that quickly really
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you can also try seymour duncans, but you wont sound anything like kerry king.

honestly, go for active pickups. theyre not really that much of a hassle. like the other guy said, emgs have a quick connect which actualyl makes them easier.
Thanks guys. I don't really want kerrys exact setup. I already have that in my jackson. I'm just looking for some great passive pickups for metal. I don't know why i mentioned kerry probably because I bought the new slayer cd today. Anyways, I'm considering a Gibson 500T in the bridge and Gibson 496R in the neck. How well do you think that would sound in basswood?
Dosent Bareknuckle make some badass passive pick ups. look them up and you can find somne sound clips on the fourm there. i know i heard a clip with some Slayer songs on it. it sounded pretty good.
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learn some green day. they are totally brutal.