i bought my guitar which is called a fender starcaster, a few years ago, for about 299-399 $.. i dont remember exactly, but i cant find any info or pictures on the net about a fender starcaster.. one of the things i dont like about it is the strings are really far off the fret board, which i no can b fixed.. but is my guitar a piece of turd or what?? and its made in idonesia if that helps..
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$400 bucks!? I'm sorry man, that is an extreme ripoff. I don't even think Costco would sell it for that price. I've seen it there with an amp/starter set, for like $150.
Yeah, i got that amp and starter set. Piece of turd, yes, but it will do for a beginner.
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The distance from the strings is called "Action". This can be adjusted. There are many threads about how to and why to adjust your action. Seach the forums. Your guitar is a turd if you feel it is. Don't let anyone tell you that your instrument sucks. If you can play it well and you like the sound... who cares what make it is.

Note: If you are a crappy player on a crappy guitar you will still be a crappy player on an awesome guitar. The guitar does not make the player and yet, to some extent, the player can make the guitar (That is what EVH taught us all in the 80's)