hey, i am wondering if i should buy a zakk wylde epiphone les paul, with the amount of skill ive got.. i have been playing for over a year, and ive only had one month of lessons, and ive taught my self everything.. i can play like every single blink song, one mcr song, a few sum 41 songs, a few thrice songs, parts of crazy train, and a few other things..
i also would like to no how much a zakk wylde epiphone les paul costs, and wheres the best place to buy it in calgary..
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That's not exactly the guitar you want. You would be better off getting a Fender MIM HSS Strat. It is more suited toward the music you play. The Zakk Wylde Epi is meant for heavier music.
i no its for heavier music, but thats what i want to get into.. like metallica, dragonforce, and stuff like that... the reason y i started off with punk was because it was easy u no
sex, drugs, and rock and roll have turned into aids, needles, and techno..
Hey, I'm in Calgary too...I know the Guitarworks on Macleod Trail has one, don't know how much it is though (probably around 800).
Long and McQuade are good too, they're generally around 20-50 bucks cheaper. They have more staff and a lot more selection, but I prefer Guitarworks for the staff. The only guitar store I've walked into, said 'I'm just looking' and no-one tried to shove product down my throat. There's this one guy there, I think it's Dean, he was very helpful. They also offered to give me a deal if I bought a guitar and an amp, without my asking, so they might be willing to bargain with price (can't say for sure of coruse).

As for the Zack Wylde...unless you really like the look of it, I'd reccomend getting an LP studio or standard. You'll save a bundle, and unless you're gigging with the guitar, no-one's going to care what it looks like. Of course, if you like the look of it and have the cash, why not? Just play before you buy...
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I recently bought an Epiphone LP Custom from Guitar Center. When I was shopping I also spent a good amount of time playing the Epi Zakk Wylde model as well. As far as I can tell they sound exactly the same except the pickups on the ZW are better for stuff like pinch harmonics and stuff...pickups are an easy swap though.

The ZW LP usually runs around $800 I believe. My Epi LP Custom was $600.
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if you want to get into metal, you should get something like an ESP, a jackson or an ibanez

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