ive been having trouble writing for the past 2 months. ive gone through some things that i would deem worthy of questioning and thought some inspiration would have come out of them, but im getting nothing. ive got tons of just "1 liners" and millions of random thoughts, but i cant get past them. it would seem to me like i could go on and on about a few things ive written, but im stuck; BAD. ummmm. i went on a walk out in the country today with my dog for about 3 hours. it was fun. i drove around my old home town, talked to a few old friends, but im getting nothing. ive never had a block like this one. i tried to go back and work on a few older songs, but they all seem to be kind of childish; so i jsut left alone. ive got a buddy that writes wonderful songs; and i kind of feed off him, but from time to time i find myself almost copying him so i need to steer clear of that. he makes me want to write better, but i cant find the words. i think that is probebly my # 1 problem right now; words. ummm. . . . . advice. . .tips. . . .help. . .please. . . .
hmm i've had that kind of block before
i found writing exactly what i was feeling or thinking about at that moment really helped me
especially after something kind of dramatic even happened
instead trying to put myself in another place i wrote about the place i was in at that moment
worked for me maybe it wont for you but i do hope you get past this
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