Hey guys I had a question to ask about using the whammy bar. Ok so I never have really used the whammy bar because well the guitar always goes out of tune. I got a Gibson Supreme so I don't have an option there because no bar to begin with and I'm not about to go drilling about on it to seat one so I'm pretty much stuck with my first guitar which has a bar: a FirstAct ME301. Now before I get all the "go buy a new guitar" stuff I'm currently paying the Gibson off and when I earn enough cash I'm going for and Ibanez JEM so problem solved. But as for using the bar for practice for now, how can I keep the guitar in tune(w/o a floyd rose not putting money into it)? I heard and have seen guitars to crazy divebombs and stay in tune with out a floyd rose thing. What's the trick?
Yeah, Chordmonger's got it right there. Those Budget guitar tremelo systems tend to have pretty awful trem springs in them, so you could try replacing them, but this will only help if it's in a floating position. If it's not floating (which I'm guessing it's not) then it's really only ever gonna be good for very subtle vibrato. Nothing you can really do man, maybe check intonation, but I'd say you'll just have to wait for the JEM.
Ok thanks a lot. But like I said I'm fairly new to actually working with the system I've always heard to avoid using it until you can learn how to play pretty well so you don't get "addicted" to using it, but now that I'm obsessed with Vai, Satriani, King, etc. I think it's time to start learning. SO what do you mean by floating? I've heard of floating and flush I believe it is but I don't know what it means and what's the advantages of each. Springs I'd be willing to give a go at, but as far as putting a new tremelo system in the thing like a floyd rose, I'm not sure. I just can't wait till I pay off this Gibson and then I'm gonna run out and grab that JEM....so beautiful.

PS- I read some where that a vaseline-pencil lead combo in the nut incisions would work? The biggest problem I've had is the bass strings stay fine (even on dive bombs) but the tenor strings go out of tune (almost always they go up in pitch ). I heard that was the method Eddie Van Halen used.
Yeah, some sort of lubricant in the nut grooves will help the strings slide through and maintain a regular pitch, worth a shot.

Floating basically means that you can either slacken th strings flat, or pull them sharp, so the trem system gos both ways. It also means that if you play with your hand resting on the bridge, your whole guitars tuning will be constantly shifting, so that's something worth checking about your technique.
Ahhh ok that makes sense, no mine isn't floating you were right, it can only slacken. Good thing though, that JEM has a floater and my technique won't interfere thank goodness. Ok I'll try messing it up with some lube see if that works or not.