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It's rough mix of a song called "Feels Like Home." Only the instrumental tracks are final as of now--we're reoding vocals tomorrow.

My band has 5 other songs up as well, listen if you like. They are rough mixes as well.

blah blah crit4crit if you want i guess.

Looking for my India/Django.
I don't know if it's just my speakers, but the vocals seem a bit withdrawn and drowned out - not sure if it has anything to do with the mixing or overdubbing.

Other than that, it's a lovely up-beat bluesy track and I absolutely love it - especially the start of the solo... around 1.16. I grew up listening to something slightly resembling that, and hearing it again is lovely.

The lead guitar tone is envious... really striking and hits you in the face, yet stays mellow enough to give a kind of a melancholic vibe.. not depressing, maybe pensive.

To be honest, the lead guitar stays interesting - but definitely drags on a bit, a whole two minutes of stricly blues and I love it, but a non-blues orientated listener might think it's a bit blasé or nonchalant.

It's evocative of the stuff I grew up listening to, so I can't help but love it (and save it)..

It's good to see you prove some of the guys who say... 'Knowing too much theory stunts your creativeness' wrong.

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