I went to my 3rd Soulfly concert tonight. My friends band opened for them and **** it was only a $1 a ticket. It was the 10th aniversary show of Max's sons murder, they have it every year.

They were awesome and since it was a special show, the drummer for Stone Sour came in for a song, the bassist for Megadeth came in for 2, and Igor(Max's brother/drummer for Sepultura) played some Sepultura songs with 'em for the first time since Max left the band 10 years ago. They played like 25-30 songs though. By the end of it I was kind of glad for it to be done.

Anyway, go check out my friends band (Incite) if they come near you. They're going on tour with Soulfly next month

A pic of Max playing with Igor for the first time in 10 years.
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Er...didn't he die in a car accident? Hardly murder now, is it.

It was a car crash yes, but the benefit show is held to raise funds to investigate more. The family doesn't believe it was an accident and rather a murder.
Sounds like an amazing show if only for Igor and Max on the same stage, guess they finnaly left their personal problems with each other, behind.
1) great show
2) Soulfly is nu-metal and it belongs in the nu-metal forum
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