you seriously couldnt just go to their site or one of their hundreds of fan sites for gear lists could you? Google, motherfucker, CAN YOU USE IT??!!

anyway, he uses a VHT poweramp and a Jackson preamp. His guitars should be obvious....
Youtube covers

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* Jackson Randy Rhoads Custom White Pinstripe. Alexi's main guitar from 1997 to 2002 was the Jackson Custom RR, bought from Jiri Jalkanen (from Stone). This was one of the stolen guitars.
* Jackson RR Custom Green Pinstripe. After having his guitars stolen, Alexi borrowed Roope Latvala's Jackson RR Custom Green Pinstripe to tour with Sinergy. however, the neck of the guitar broke during the tour.
* Alexi's ESP Custom Shop guitars. When Jackson was sold to Fender, Alexi was told that it would take one year for him to have a new custom guitar made. In comparison, ESP offered a deal that would take only three months, so he switched his endorsement to ESP. Alexander Kuoppala and Henkka Blacksmith also changed their endorsement. This guitar was used during the European tour.
* Amplifier: Lee Jackson Perfect Connection preamp, Peavey or Engl power amps & Marshall 1960 cabs
* Effects: Blackface Rocktron Intellifex
* As reported in Guitar World Magazine, Feb. 2006 (Corrected Apr 2006): GUITAR: RV-398AL ESP. AMP: Lee Jackson Metaltronix Perfect Connection pre-amp, VHT power amp (no longer Peavey or Engl). EFFECTS: Rocktron Intellifex chorus. STRINGS: (Hi-Beam50-10). DR PICKS: Dunlop Black Jazz III.

Tunings: C# Standard (Something Wild) D Standard (1 Whole Step Down From Standard)(DGCFAD) (Up until Hate Crew Deathroll) and Dropped C(...Are you Dead Yet?) (CGCFAD)
Youtube covers