i have a jackson with a FR (licenced but it still holds tune well) and i thought that i could block it in only one direction so i get a dive-only trem. that would make it hold tune even better and a lot easier to tune, change strings and switch between E standard and Eb standard which i do often.
so, my plan was to get a piece of hardwood and put it in the trem cavity to block the trem on the side closer to the neck, and then tighten the sprins of the trem a little to get it stiffer.
any advice on doing this? should i use the same wood the guitar is made of (alder)? any tips on how to prevent the block from moving (glue or something else?)...
will the screws that hold the springs stay in place if i tighten them more? also, this shouldn't hurt my guitar in long run, should it?
this would be my first attempt to really change something on my guitar and not only setting it up, so i need help so i don't screw up...
I don't think making it dive only will make it hold tune any better. I've only ever seen guitars with FR trems go flat, not sharp. When you dive, the tension on the strings is reduced, giving a lower pitch. The same thing happens when the guitar goes out of tune. By keeping the dive ability of the FR, I don't think you would be stopping anything.
just saw you wanted to block it on the side cloest to the neck. I think this will mean it'll be pull-up only, since you won't be able to push the arm down.
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^^uhh... think about it again. i know that strings will eventually fall out of tune, but i'm talking about tuning stability with FR trems. most FR bridges come back in tune 100% after dives, but around 97% from pull ups. that's what i'm talking about. i would make it a non-floating dive-only trem, like on a strat only with locking nut and fine tuners thus making it stay in tune better...
^^^no if he blocks the side closer to the neck he will stop the sprigs fom compresing because there's the block in the way. the springs compress when the bar is pulled up(using the standard bar position) and thats when the pitch rises so he'll still be able to dive. You're right about the tuning though it wont help it stay in tune as strings only go flat so the block won't do anything to prevent that.
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thanks for that link (to flesh fries)...
to lemoninfluence: yeah, the strings eventually go flat, but i'm trying to say the trem will always be in the right position (parallel with the body) since the springs are pulling it towards the block. and it will be easier to change tunings since it wouldn't be a floating trem no more.
so basically i want to be sure that i won't do any damage to the trem and want to hear some advices how to make that block so it doesn't fall out or something.
Belial, I think I see what you mean, but I don't have a FR guitar to hand right now, so I'm not sure it'll definately work. If you do it non-permanently at first you can always remove it if it's screwed up.
^^it will work, i've just read the link flesh fries wrote... it's not that i'm the first in the world with this idea...
anyway, any advice on how exactly to do it is welcome. i kinda know how it should be done, but i wanted to ask for opinions from people who have more experience with customizing guitars.
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^^well, it wouldn't be fully blocked, you could still do dives, but it's still just an idea, cause i'm not quite sure how to make it good and still be able to remove the block someday...
that's why this thread is here, but still no help except that link, but i already knew that...
wouldnt it help staying in tune a little to have it not be able to pull up since u wouldnt be pulling up and stretching the stings a little to make them go out of tune? just my thoughts.
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wouldnt it help staying in tune a little to have it not be able to pull up since u wouldnt be pulling up and stretching the stings a little to make them go out of tune? just my thoughts.

well, that's exactly what i wanted to do, make it only able to do dives / lower the pitch. the block and the springs would secure that the bridge is always parallel to the body, thus making it much easier to tune to drop D or Eb standard, and still have the ability to do vibrato or lower the pitch...
but that's just the theory. now i have to figure out a way to make it real...
this is how it should look. the green thing is the block which is supposed to prevent the trem to raise pitch (in red direction) and also to prevent the trem to move when the strings are loosened (like drop tunings) or removed, but the trem is still able to lower the pitch (in blue direction).
i want to be sure that it won't damage my trem and also if you have any idea how to place the block and make it possible to remove it eventually, i'd like to hear your ideas...
any help is welcome...