Hello there. Im new here

Ive been playing acoustic guitar for about 5-6 months and i started to play some solos. I have quite good speed right now, i can do hammer and pull off without a problem, same as slides. Now when it comes to bending i have no idea to make them sound right, i cant get the tirck. Plus everytime a bending part comes i slow down alot and miss.

Please help. Maybe trying giving me an easy solo with easy bednings so i can start practising but i really want to learn them good so i can starts soloing as it is.
Thanks and sorry for bad english
bends are better suited to an electric guitar however if you slide to the aimed note it will show you the pitch
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try the opening bends to the solo on november rain theres a mix of half and full step bends.
The riff from Wonderful Tonight is one I've told everyone that's asked me for help with bends to learn. It's a simple bend and a slow song, allowing you to get used to bending notes and work up your speed so the song doesn't sound bad. It's by Eric Clapton by the way.
when learning to bend, its good to take it slow. What i recommend is allowing the un-bent note to sound for a little while so it gives you ample time to memorize what the starting pitch is. I would then slowly bend up to the desired pitch and try to leave it there for a little while. As someone stated previously, you could always slide up to the fret that is supposed to be your ending point to get a frame of reference on that pitch as well.
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Thanks.. will check them out.
Forgot to mention, is it normal at the beggingin when you bend your fingers hurt?
you should really bend with your wrist. Its common place to put your thumb over the top of the strings for leverage
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