I was just playing my valve halfstack and all of a sudden the sound just cut out.The power was still on and everything seemed ok but there is no sound coming out of it at all on any channel.
Tried a different guitar still nothing and i tried the lead into my old amp and thats ok so it's def the amp.
Please can anyone help?
check the tubes maybe one of them burned out look at the tubes and tell us what color they are
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did u blow the speaker?
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Ya i think one of them did actually.....it's not lighting up and theres like a black mark on the top of it.
ya if one of them isnt lighting up thats a bad thing. it probably blew out how old are they
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The the original marshall valve that came with it so i guess it's gone.Theres a bit of white on the top of it...so does that mean it's gone?
But i just recently got it biased by a professional,he changed two valves and left two marshalls in it.
why would he only change two that sounds very odd i say take it into a tech not they same guy and have him look at it. it sounds like the tubes blown and you will need new ones but that sounds kinda sketchy only changing two tubes
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He was a tech...Thats all he does for a living he goes around the country fixing amps ect so i'd say he knows what he's doing.
Ya I have another electroharmonix valve that i can but into it but the only thing is if the other marshall valve goes i'll have no valves cause one of the electro valves was faulty
your probably just gonna have to buy a whole new quad set and replace all of them at least thats what i would do
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