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Havnt seen this done before, but this is how it goes. You post a Band Name (has to be original) and the next person rates it on a 1-10 scale. Also you could go in depth and get into heavy detail with catogoreys like:

Descrip of the name
Type of music (this would help your rating)
Why you like this band name

Then the rater would give a reason why they did(nt) like the name (if they want) and then rate it.

I havnt seen this thread before so dont hurt me if Its been done lol. Ill start.

Stick To Your Guns
Descrip: Kind of got the idea from guns n roses. Means back up what you believe in.
Type of Music: Rock
Why i like it: Its a cool name in my opinion and it'd be great for classic rock like Guns n Roses and Def Leppard style of music. Even Nu Metal and stuff like 30 seconds to mars and things like that. Basically it fits any kind of rock.

Also after you rate, you could make a band name and have someone rate it. Just make sure you rate the above poster. You dont have to go in detail if you dont want to, but it makes things more fun in you do.

Also this thread could be used for Ideas if anyone needs a band name.
Lol I understand... Rate my band name and give us one of ur own creations? Gotta get this thing back on track lol
Anyone else gonna rate mine and make a band name on here? If this thread is successful itll definately reduce the amount of "BAND NAME WE NEED!" Topics....
i think this forum is dying..... but ive always wanted a death metal band called abort your children.
Yea... Maybe theres a better forum to put this in but this is the only place.. id get ripped by the admins for sure lol.

Abort Your Children 5/10 better than penial discharge but wtf again? lol
Its alright 6.5/10 Becasue of the Philosophical part... I can see a non-heavy not nescisarily rock band havin it
You cant rate a band name based on its variety dudes. If cannibal corpse were called a different name they would probably not have as much attention. A name should usually suit the genre.
regno moriens ignis
that means "reign the dying fire" in latin, maybe now a lot of english names are taken it might be an idea to revive dead languages and create names in them. (even thoguh i admit that 1 isnt very good)
WOW ostur does sound really cool, it could be quite a cool name for a goth band, cz every1 would go around saying it thinking they were gothic, when theres actually saying cheese, i like that 8/10 maybe
last action hero

some kind of rock ****

the movie ****ing rocks
It is the moment that you are living in, and not the one that follows that makes the mess you are cleaning in your head.
The band name is... Last Stand... it is already our name but i figured i would see what you guys thought about it...

"We stand in this fight, one... last... time..."
^^ its fun to say

genre of the music would be... um, hardcore i guess, its got the screaming, growling, singing, and fast paced and very heavy guitar riffs... if you consider that hardcore.
Hobo-Cop progressive death metal

Tarbaby, same band

Burn Victim, same band

Ebola, same band

Fetus in a Blender, same band

as u can see we cant decide on one name
in that list i dont really like that many, but to be honest lots of ****ty bands out there, fetus in a blender makes you sound like a cannibal corpse rip off so it might be better to go with something else if you are progressive.
What does ebola mean, that sounds ok.
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crimson reefer doesn't sound too bad either (going back up the page a bit) a reefer aa kind of ship isn't it? bout 7/10
Cardboard Box, bat name for a progressise rock band cause it kinds makes you sound plain.