For the best part of a year now I've been using Jazz .13's on my electric and I'm curious about how it might be influencing my playing. For one thing, it has turned me into waaay more of a rhythm guitarist than I used to be (which is fine, really, I'm happy with how I've come along like that), but my lead playing has kind of...atrophied, or something. (I play punk, screamo and posthxc, so leads aren't a huge aspect anyway). I feel like every 'lead' thing that I write is too 'percussive', and not 'fluent' enough, if that makes any sense... (I know that to get back into leads more I should just go play 'em more, but I'm curious about the string gauge aspect, specifically).
I play a cheap, cheap, slightly high-action ESP LTD. Anyway I'm thinkng of switching down to .11s or .12s and maybe abandoning Jazz gauge, too. In what way is this likely to effect my playing? It would improve sustain, wouldn't it? Will I get more 'cut' and less 'fuzz'? And on the low E string are palm-muted 16th/32nd notes etc easier to play (/faster) on lighter gauge?

Haha maybe these are stupid questions but I just wanna know before I switch...(In my pocket right now is the money to buy only one set of strings)!
most of the time for the genres you have listed people will use a 10. gauge, but this mainly makes a difference in bending the strings. On your high E, there will probably only bee a little difference but overall it may make, i suggest tryin a set of 10.s and leaving them on for say 2 weeks, if you dont like this move back to your 13. gauge.
o and a lower action will help you play faster, its easier to press the string
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o and a lower action will help you play faster, its easier to press the string

I do know that!
If you worked on your lead playing (hell, speed in general) with those monster strings, you'd rip like mad on lighter strings.
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