Well lets say u have to do 5p-3p-2 I find it easier to do on the high E then something lower like the D string, I dont know why? is there any lessons to help practise this, and when you hammer on then pull off and pull off again, I find it easier on the higher strings though
yeah, i know exactly what you mean...on the lower strings, it's a bit harder to get the crisp sound that you can much more easily achieve on the high e...it's all about keeping your fingers bent at all times and making a motion like you're "curling" the finger into the palm while keeping the anchoring finger firm while bending up a bit...yes, it sounds very complicated, but with slow and calculated practice you should get the movement down and get a louder pull-off

i'm not aware of any particular lessons on this, but there is always the Pull-off Clinic, which goes into more detail
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