Hey ya'll...

I need help from the fender strat lovers.... How do you get a good Jimi Hendrix distortion sound?

My gear right now are a Fender Koa Strat and a Line 6 Spy2 (Havn't had need for a halfstack)...

what are the levels for all the gain and stuff to get his sound? I know I've asked this before but I never got an answer...
try this thread, it's actually the very artist in the very first post
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well, Jimi used a Fuzz pedal so if you can find a fuzz sound on youre pedal you're in luck. As for all his EQ, gain and tone settings there's a thread called the Ultimate Settings thread, it might be here or in the electric guitar forum I think. I'm pretty sure his treble will be listed as more than 6.

Anyways, hopefully that helps.
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try this thread, it's actually the very artist in the very first post

oh thanks a lot i didn't even know about that...

very helpful
Also, being able to dime a vintage Marshall stack helps. One word: Plexi.
Hi, I'm Peter
now I dont have gain on my amp I have drive.. is that the same thing?
yeah. Pretty much. Unless you have both a gain and a drive control, like my amp.
Hi, I'm Peter
I still really can't get a good sound with my amp and guitar... I think it may be my amp because there are present amp models on it...
You're not going to get a good classic rock tone with a Spider, IMO. But yeah, that's why I think the "ultimate settings" thread borders on useless. Do you have a setting on that thing that sounds the least bit Marshally?
Hi, I'm Peter
I do have a 'blues' setting on my amp... but right now I've got a sound I'm ok with... do you think I should think about selling my spyder for a marshall? Or just buy a marshall and keep the spyder, because the spyder gives me a great metal sound with my Omen 6...
Good lord. I don't like the sound of that at all. First of all, if you're trying to play Little Wing... CLEANS. Second...just...yuck.
Hi, I'm Peter
Well.. I just can't get a good sound...

and hey.. it was just messin' around on Little Wing man..

You guys don't have any advice as to how to get a better sound? because I am stumped... I'm horrible with tones
For solo's and some rytham parts you would need a Crybaby wah also a Fuzz Box too.
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or you could use the hendrix wah instead of a crybaby

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The Hendrix wah isnt worth it, you could get a better Hendrix sound out of a crybaby
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I don't think new pickups would cure what ails him. He needs a tube amp first and foremost, IMO.
Hi, I'm Peter
Tube amp with a bunch of Footswitch settings?

I should sell the amp I have now and then buy that....

What do you think?
It's completely up to you, but the only way you're really going to get the Hendrix tone is to use an amp that doesn't saturate your sound unnaturally the way that one does. It makes your sound...sound crappy. If I were you, I'd go small tube amp. Much better than a Spider. But make sure you can least spend $500-600 first.
Hi, I'm Peter
I could sell my amp... how much do you think I could get for it... it's still in great condition... and I bought it for $400 plus I have the footpedal for it which cost like 90 some so I could ask for idk $450? ....
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or you could use the hendrix wah instead of a crybaby

I don't like Crybabies.

For a good classic rock wah, Vox's are the way to go. I believe hendrix and clap used one
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