Wrote this one quite a while ago. Hmmm.. I'm not sure if I should change the title to 'A Violent Cocktail' .. tell me what you think.

When you thought I was in prison
When you thought you had me locked up
I was stirring the current of your depths
And for your information, asshole
A loser such as I had a taste of ecstasy
The kind you don't understand
Too strong for you, huh?
It's a violent cocktail
Too biting for your sweet tongue?
It's a test to show if you can live through
The wicked nights
Cast as a morbid pantomime

The essence is a mindblow for such weakness
Brilliance too wide for your narrow mind
Well, it'll stain your crisp white shirt
You're gonna die, for sure
You'll be covered in grime
Paint over your garments in repulsion
They'll dress you up as a saint
And throw you to the floor
Doing the jig on your closed door
Well, I guess it's pretty
In my cynical dress

Because I'm swinging in the moment
Where everything falls under my command
You're gonna succumb to my bittersweet glory
You'll marry my previous Sir Misery
Drowning with anchors, not knowing where you stand
No wall you construct is gonna bring me to a halt
I know you don't know by the foolish tint in your eyes
It don't matter at all 'cause no one knows but I
I've taken a bite outta paradise

Hey, the bustle sweeps the dust off
Your tarnished name
Why not? Let's do a parade on your grave
Guess it hurts others to know I can fly
Think it pains them to find out I never had a demand
Spikes their hearts to realise
They pushed 'til I stumbled
Down the tunnel where I found the light
And now I know what you were moaning about
Complaints and cries of dull aches
You ain't experienced anything yet, honey
The dark will crush your fragile mind


Well...you ain't gonna open your eyes for a loooong time.
May you build a ladder to the stars and climb on every rung.