My mate is looking for a new guitar to upgrade from his Westfield SG. He was wanting a Les Paul so he tried out a Epiphone Les Paul Standard... and he's disappointed! It felt just like playing his SG (the neck feel) and he was pretty annoyed because he was expecting to be blown away haha. So we looked around some more and he saw the Ibanez RG350. He likes the look of it, except he doesn't want a tremelo system and prefers hardtail. Got any suggestions?

He has a Behringer something amp, but he just plays in his bedroom, and he's been using his SG for ages... Music styles are classic rock, rock, hard rock, stuff like Led Zeppelin, Foo Fighters, Strokes, AC/DC stuff. He wants something for around £250-350 and prefers a different feel from SG/ Les Paul.
I'm personally not a massive fan of the looks, but I'm told that and RG321 (ibanez) is awesome, no tremolo and a nice thin neck. If he really likes the SG style and neck then mebbe an Epiphone SG G400/G400 custom/G400 Deluxe, I've played the deluxe and really liked it. Mebbe look into jacksons? schecters, although I think they're a bit more expensive. hope I helped.
He didn't play the Ibanez RG350 (I tried to get him to do it, but he was too shy .... ), so he isn't 100% sure that's the one. He just liked the look of it. I tried to recommend him this Ibanez. £285 in the shop, hard tail and HH combo, so I thought it would be good.


There was also a Schecter that seemed pretty good, the Omen Extreme but he didn't try that too.

I think he wants something completely diffferent from SG / Les Paul neck.
hmmm its got a nato body. and from what ive heard the Schecter Diamond Series have a thick neck so yeh he may not like it that.
That ibanez you linked there, this is just my opinion, but I felt the neck was a lot like that on an SG or Les Paul, and definitely nothing like that on an RG/S series Ibanez. although he should try everything he reckons is worthy of a try he should try, if the shop's decent then they won't mind, especially if he's actually planning to buy a guitar there.
Quote by azn_guitarist25
hmmm its got a nato body. and from what ive heard the Schecter Diamond Series have a thick neck so yeh he may not like it that.

I don't think he really minds having a thick neck, he's not quite a shredder.
What are the sound / tonal properties of nato? Good? Bad?

Apart from the neck, is the Schecter good value for money? About £249-289 I think.

I'll try and get him to try other guitars too.
The schecter necks are different, the Blackjack is the main one with a fat neck, the rest are fine, like an SZ neck, so it's not like a Gibson fat
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