I'm looking for a nice Yamaha Classical Guitar under $2000. I've been playing an acoustic yamaha gig pack guitar for a few years, and while it sucks, I still enjoy playing it. I've found myself going for all the finger picking songs, and realized I love playing classical. But these steel strings are pretty harsh, and switching to nylon still doesn't give the guitar good sound.

I have an opportunity to get a pretty good deal on any Yamaha guitar, so I was wondering what suggestions people have on classical yamaha's? I'm thinking around the $1800 range would be good. Some may say, woah why so much so fast? Well I've been playing for a long time now, I'm sure I want to get seriously into guitar for sure.

I will take your suggestions and visit guitar center after work today

If you're going to spend around 2 grand on a classical, you shouldnt go with yamaha. Takamine has some incredibly nice higher-end steel strings, and classicals I'm sure.

Like this one


And hey, that 700 bucks you have left over, maybe you should buy this


and You're set.
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Well, I'm getting a really good deal on Yamaha as a gift. So I was thinking of the Grand Concert series. Maybe I can sell it if I don't like it so much =/
Takamine classical guitars? That's not a good alternative to Yamaha. The Yamaha Grand Concert series is DECENT though not exactly good.

Get a Spanish Brand Like Alhambra, Esteve or Almansa.
For that kind of money, I personally recommend the Yairi division of Alvarez's classical guitars, in addition to the brands that imLoUsY has mentioned.
My God, it's full of stars!
Thanks for the recommendations! I'll goto another bigger Guitar Center to see if they have any to demo them.