I need some exercises for my picking hand! Almost all of the exercises on UG are for the fretting hand and I've done a lot of them with the result that my fretting hand is now very fast and accurate but my picking hand isn't. (even though you're also using your picking hand when doing most fretting hand exercises) My picking hand also gets tense real easily and and sometimes I just miss a string I'm trying to play. I also tend to dig into the strings way to deep and hard, if I only play the string lightly and don't actually feel my pick pressing against the string it seems very strange to me and I can't play fast or acuratly. Please provide me with some exercisis to make my picking better! Just to be sure: your pick should only stick out a little bit and should be parallel to the strings, right?
really, all it takes is focus. I would start trem picking an open string, trying to use the least amount of motion possible. You need to feel the pick making contact with the string at all times.

As far as pick angle, its really a preference issue. Depending on the angle of attack and the amount of pick below the string, you will get different effects. I would try the minimalistic approach until you feel comfortable with that.

For the tension, slow down and really focus on the muscles being used. If you feel like you are starting to tense up, stop and try to determine why
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