again not my best take, but for now i wanna see if i can make any improvements so please crit.

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sounds like all you recordings need a little bit cleaner picking and legato. 3/5 keep working.
It was ok but you missed a few parts and it was a bit sloppy. Also, your guitar is just a little out of tune.
You need to work on your bending, its very off, you're bending past the desired note and making it sound out of tune. Either that your guitar IS out of tune. Besides that, I like the tone, and it was pretty good but the tuning/bending problems just ruined it for me.
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Definitely need some help with bending, as mentioned above.

For your level of play, you're probably biting off a bit more than you can chew with this one. I'm not trying to bash you at all by saying that. I'm saying that I think you should try to cover something a little less complex.

If you want a tip on bending and phrasing, try my favorite technique:

Instead of following the guitar line with your lead playing, follow your favorite singer's voice on your guitar. Play every note that he/she is singing.

For instance...........

Take one of your favorite songs and find every note that the singer is singing. Once you've memorized it EXACTLY, go back and try to actually emulate the singer's voice on your guitar. I'm not talking Peter Frampton here. Incorporate slides, hammers, pulls, and bends to try and get the feel of what the singer is doing.
ehhh, Agree with the post above me. Just very sloppy and out of tune bends. Try some green day (Joke).
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Try practicing it slow before you speed it up so you can get it played very cleanly. The bends seemed very off, but other than that not too shabby.

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what is the music theory and what does it teach you, like scales, solos, and to build speed???

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