Anyone ever played one of these? They seem like really nice guitars. They sort look like the old Reb Beach Ibanez's with a short body...
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I haven't but I've tried a couple Alvarez acoustic and it was pretty good. If its anywhere near as good as that it'll be a great guitar. I dind't know ALvarez made electrics but if they are as good as the electrics it'll be a good guitar.
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From the few Alvarez electrics I've played, they seemed like a failry decent guitar. I'd say it's worth a buy, if you can.
My father has an Alverez electric from '89 I believe that he picked up from this one shop where the guy had taken broken Alverez's from the factory (since it was near by) and fixed them up and sold them for cheap. It is a soloist-style guitar with a Floyd Rose, sharkfin inlays, and a bone nut w/locking nut that his friend did for him. Its very nice. Oh yeah, he got it for $75.
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