Simple as that. At least it should be. However i am unable to lift the knob off of its post. There is a nut below the knob which is loose. I need to tighten this nut to fix the problem of the knob overturning and moving the internal gear with it. So how can I lift this stuck knob off without damaging the surface of my guitar.(Theres no resistance on the back of the knob so I cant pull it off like the others.
what u have to do is get somtheng which is soft but firm (like rubber(that sounds so wrong!))
and pry the knob of with that, making sure u go all the way round the knob to pull it up evenly.

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Thank you. I was able to loosen it just enough to pull it off with my fingers. (I wrapped a lanyard around it and pulled straight up, couldnt get it to pop off. I probably wasn't pulling 100% straight but when I went back to my fingers it came back off.) And now my Les paul is fixed, thanks.