rite ok i learnt all the minor pentatonic scales and feal comftable playing them in any key so i need to know what scales to learn next.

is it major pentatonic or is modes best ???
Once you have minor pentatonics down major pentatonics won't be too hard to learn at all. It would be nice to learn them because then you could use them together. After that you should learn the Major and Minor scales(if you haven't already done so). Then, you should be ready to move on to modes.
The major pentatonic is just another mode of the very same minor pentatonic
patterns you've already memorized. In other words, you already know it.
The pattern is the same, but the usage is "shifted" on the fretboard.

Just keep in mind, learning the fingering positiions of a scale is just a very small
first step in really getting comfortable with the scale. There's lots of ways
to practice scales. You don't just check it off the checklist and mark it "done".