well ive read ur 300 guide and well sense i think yamaha is the best in thier


dk wht the difference is between them

also how does electric-acoustic work and is better to get one of those or get an acoustic what im looking for is good sound pretty much
nvm i went to GC about a few hours ago and i think i made a bad purchase dad kept on pressuring me and dumb salesmen to i cracked i wanted to get the f750 from yamaha but instead i got a Ovation Celebreity GC057 does anyone have one and well it dosnet sound so loud i havent played it yet so i think i can still return it well wht do the experts think it sounds pretty good but i dk crap please tell me if i made a bad purchase i hope they take it back i havent even touched it i wanted to check with ppl first its superslim

please guys tell me wht u think i hope i can change it i start class on monday so i have 2 days i need ur help
why didnt you try it?
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lol try what u dk my dad and they were lcosing in like 10 mins i couldnt do anything oh crap lol i was puttin the battery for the tuner in and it fell on top and it scratched it
**** this is just my luck well i was looking for the yamaha and well i couldnt try it i kno crap about it it sounded pretty good but not loud witouht amp i just needs somone opinion
weither this will do or change it to one of the yamahas this is one is aoustic/electric i dk wht to do im so stupid aaaaa

somone has to kno this guitar dang i make thiese amatuer mistakes
after reading that last post twice, i'm still not sure what the heck you just said. i'm not trying to be rude to you at all, but spending a bit more time on your posts in the interest of coherence will get you much more help in the future.

anyway, i understand that it sucks to end up with a guitar you didn't want in the first place, but there's really nothing wrong with that ovation. it isn't going to sound quite as good and it isn't going to have quite the volume as the yamaha you wanted. all in all it is a decent guitar though. ovation guitars are well-known for sounding really really good plugged in, which you didn't even have the option of doing with the yamaha. since you have already scratched the top of the guitar, i'd say the chances of returning it are slim and none. keep the ovation, learn to play it. you'll grow to like it. and one day when you can get an acoustic amp, you'll enjoy having the ovation to play plugged in. sometimes you just gotta make the best of what's around man.
no lol i love this guitar but im not sure wethier it was a good buy i have amps at school i can plug it lol ya sorry im not good at writng thoughts i love the guitar just wanted to hear from ppl who know these things wetheir i should stick to it or change for another my original plan was to get the one i have now but if its not good than i wouold change it because well i just want a good guitar i love this one makes me want to pick it up and play it but my knowledge of electoacoustic guitars was misunderstood i though its like that its acoustic and that u could plug in a distoreter with an amp i thought it would play as an electric would but dont get me wrong i love this guitar well the scratch is near the sound hole u can barely see it bu well all i pretty much need is a guitar and i felt this one expensive a takamin or a yamaha would have done if i hadent been so pressured by the store closing in 15 mins and dad and salesman well im getting the amp next week i just want to kno about the distortion pedal if it will work or not well wht i want most is to be able to do with my guitar those awsome solos that some bands do like in Pain-Jimmy Eat World Seven Nation Army _white stripes some of those solos and i dont think this guitar can do those kinds of solos
but wht worries me most is sense it wont sound as loud when we are peforming the class is all acoustics i might have to use an amp to so ppl can hear me snese il be the only one with an amp ppl will lhear me mess up lol if i mess up which is the most probable i just want to kno

1 withier this will work for my wants
solos, distortion, l

2 if this was a good buy or should i change for a yamaha

3 will it sound to soft
Periods, dude--learn to use them. Don't stress about it. The Ovation you have is an alright guitar just like jimtaka said. The tone isn't all that hot when played unplugged, but it sounds great plugged in. I don't think people are going to have trouble hearing you over other acoustics even if you're unplugged, if my friend's Ovation is any indication. Eventually, though, I would suggest purchasing an acoustic amp. And I don't know anything about running it through effects pedals. Never tried it.
1. this guitar will work as well (if not even a little better) for the solos you are wanting to play. this guitar can play through any pedal (i.e. distortion) just like an electric can, so no worries there.

2. you said you like the guitar and having it makes you want to pick it up and play it. that's what you want out of a guitar, especially as a beginner. you want something you like and enjoy playing and something you want to play. if this guitar meets those standards then you are all set.

3. it shouldn't be too quiet to hear when played with other acoustics. the only thing that might drown your guitar out would be like a solid rosewood back and sides martin or something of that nature with a really really boomy and loud bass response. just taking a guess at your skill and age level, i doubt you will have to worry about anyone you'd be playing with having a guitar like this.

all in all, you're good to go man. you need to quit worrying about what guitar you have and whether it's the right one and just play the thing!

one more thing... you said you are going to be picking up an amp soon. make sure you get an acoustic amp and not an electric one.

oh and also... you don't have to be the best writer or the most articulate person in the world, man. just try using some sort of punctuation between your sentences/phrases/thoughts/whatever. again, i'm not trying to be rude to you at all. it's just in your own best interest to use punctuation. you don't even have to use it correctly necessarily.
lol awsome ya i kno that like my worst skill punctuation once i get started i barely even use it. more speed than accurecy,

nah dw is just this little box or else i would space or somthing buts its usally alwyas like this i have to work on that.

well this is awsome new il make sure to post how it worked out on monday. hmm still need to tune it and dk how to use the onboard tuner it shows some arrows like up or down so i tighten or lossen the string. did that for about and hour and coudlnt get it li see

ya well umm ya i doubt anyone will have that kind of guitar

well thanks guya il cya tmmrw
what are you having trouble with when tuning the guitar? i'm assuming your guitar has this tuner:

you want to tune your guitar to EADGBe. the 6th string (the thickest string) should be tuned to E. so you turn on your built-in tuner and pluck the thickest string. when you pluck the string, one of the little lights underneath a letter should light up or flicker. if the light that flickers is to the right of the E then you need to loosen the corresponding tuning peg. if the light that flickers is to the left of the E then you want to tighten that tuning peg. you will slowly tighten or loosen the peg until the light below the E is lit up. once you have that light lit up, you start looking at the three lights below the long row of other lights. if the red light on the right is lit up or flickering, you want to loosen the corresponding tuning peg slightly. if the red light on the left side is lit up or flickering you want to tighten the corresponding tuning peg slightly. you will continue to tweak the peg (tightening and/or loosening) until the green light in the middle stays lit. after you get that green light in the middle lit up, it's time to move on to the next string. just repeat this exact same process for the other strings with the 5th string (second thickest string) being the A string, the 4th string being the D string, the 3rd string being the G string, the 2nd string being the B string, and the 1st string (the thinnest string) being another E string.

hopefully that makes some sort of sense to you.
ya i can understand that if my tuner was that one thats not mine

somthing is weird here very weird first off most ovations are made in Korea mines is made in china

this is my tuner

this is wht tuner its suppposed to have

wth is going on did GC give me fake or somthing

correction its not a Gc 057 not sure if it makes any difference but its a
Gc057-5 w/e that means

it looks just like

like this one cc24-5
whts going on nvm that -5 means color black