You guys probably get this everyday all of the time but yes I'm learning how to sweep pick. Now I just barely got into it and I found that I can easily sweep back and forth very quickly the simple tenor string chords like Em: xxx987. I can't add the hammer ons or pull offs in yet but I was wondering for practice if there were songs just using those kinds of argeppegios?
well all i can say is that learning those legato attacks in arpeggio sweeps is VERY ESSENTIAL, as you'll soon learn to throw in multiple ones. also, try inverting the arpeggios for different sweep shapes. anything by jason becker should have sweeping in it, albeit, a little fast.
your no holding it as a chord are you?
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Ok thanks for the suggestion. No no not holding as a chord lol. I began trying just the chord and I was like sweet whats the big fuss this is easy, Steve Vai here I come lol. Then I plugged in and tried some distortion. Jesus christ my ears are still ringing.
Haha, ya I'd listen to some Vai obviously. Yngwie. Also, I don't know if you use Limewire to download music but if u search Speed Metal Symphony it comes up with a version that says it 's by Yngwie and Vai. Now I know it's by Cacophony, but I do think this is a different version. I think that has sweep picking. If not, then it's just a ridiculously insane song.
Yea if you can't tell already I'm insanely in to shred guitar. Right now my long term goal is to somehow be able to play For the Love of God and that Canon Rock which I think is insanely cool. SO I figured I should start one sweeping. I think I'm doing good for my first day.