Ok, So heres the thing. i wanted to see what people could come up with over a certain backing track, so i made one on guitarpro. the file also contains it in powertab and midi Format, so you can record over it however you want, or write a solo in using the aforementioned programmes. as far as i know so far the best scale to use is an E Major Lydian Mode (i think) which i have included as a word document. so write a solo over the top and post it back. thanks.
Competition backings.zip
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This is actually a preety cool idea.
I'll get to this as soon as I have the time.
If you don't mind, I'm chaning the key to C.
There are "contest forums" for this type of thing now.

If you want to, make a new post in the right forum and "advertise" it in your sig.