Are there any online guitar stoes that will ship to the UK? Please link me up if you know of any, need some help for a friend.
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ahh yes SRV. i got the intro on texas flood (easy) and then he's like twangledoodleblopdebloo dun dun dun dun DA dun DA and im like *dead*.

The Unholy plays a Jackson Warrior X through a Metal Muff

omg, www.gak.co.uk had the Ibanez S520EX for £400 included shipping! SWEEEET, cant wait to get back to Bournemouth and try out one of them at Guitar Mania in Poole and then click the "Buy Now" button on GAK
guitar.co.uk is good. I visit their street store a lot, and they have always been great to me.

The kind of folks you'll chat to for half and hour, say "hey, gimme a discount, friend" and they will.
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