ok i know theres a thread for this but it doesnt really help

im looking to get a decent acoustic to play but i have no idea which one. i was looking on musicians friend but i dunno i have about 300 to spend on it. i want a big sound but i dunno if i have the money... anybody have any suggesion oh and this is in canadian dollars
I have a MF cataloge here, and if I was looking to spend $300. (US), I'd probably go for the Washburn D10SCE Cutaway Electric Acoustic.
Or the D10 (w/o cutaway and electronics) for $100. less.
But to be honest, I probably wouldn't buy a guitar from MF at all. Not because I dislike the company. But I have 2 basic problems w/them.
1st and foremost. I want to PLAY a guitar I buy before I buy it.
2nd. MF does not set up guitars before sale. Most music stores (except Guitarcenter which is part of MF) do as part of the purchase. Mom & Pop stores might charge alittle more, but you get the $30. set up and have personal customer service if any problem. Where at MF you will have pay MOM & POP to set up your guitar, or pay shipping costs if you have problem w/your purchase.
just for everyone: 300 Canadian dollars is about 260 US dollars and 140 British pounds.

my reccomendation is probably also the Washburn D10s in that price range.