so basically a few days ago I cut my index finger pretty badly, I had to get 7 stitches and it was almost down to the bone, fat cells hanging out (no I'm not fat lol) it was just past the last knuckle and now my finger is so swollen i can't bend it enough to play guitar not to mention it hurts like a bitch when I try

so I was wondering if any of you had ever had serious hand injuries, how it affected your playing and what I can do to keep my finger from getting to weak and to help rebuild the lost muscle
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no i haven't had any injuries but try to rest and when i gets a little better, maybe you could start exercise your fingers with a ball
before i started guitar i fractured/dislocated my left index finger. the upper two joints werepopped back with a slight angle to the right. so when i started playing i realized that i can stretch and reach some chords so much easier so in other words i can reach a 2 on one string and a 6 on another with out stretching. i also have small hands.
i cut my index finger half off at work

i had to have it sewn and everyting

i let it heal

and as soon as it had

i went slowly trying to build the muscle again

like when u first start to play guitar

just takes time

practice reg

and all that jazz
my friend lost the tip, about as much as the fingernail went back, of his middle finger around march. And after it was sewn back on, it has healed but still hurts, but less and less by the months. You just gotta give it time to heal.
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I've had picking hand injuries. No fretting hand injuries though.