Basically im asking if its better to play exercises with a metronome on a slow bpm or faster bpm ?

I usually play a bunch of chromatic exercises (1234 stuff) playing 16th notes (4 per click) and im usually playing them around 60-80 bpm. I can also play the exercises at 100-120 bpm, sometimes 140 but I start feeling a bit more tensed up as its faster, I was wondering if I should continue to play at a lower bpm or play at the fastest bpm I can play at, while keeping in time, and keeping it clean/accurate.
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if you want to play faster then use higher speeds.........is it really that difficult of a concept?
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the irony that lies in speed is that the slower you practice, the faster you'll be able to play...the speed at which you can play cleanly, without mistakes, and without excess tension is your practice speed...play at this speed until you're completely comfortable with it and raise it a bit and repeat...to gain speed, i would suggest practicing periodic speed bursts where you play about 20+ bpm faster than you have been practicing...as long as you can play it cleanly, play at this speed for a minute and go back to slow practicing...this will help you gain speed very quickly, it's all about muscle memory
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if you are gonna practise slow tempos, you need to play speed bursts everynow and then...

the slower playing builds up the muscle memory, but if your muscles havent play at a high speed before they wont be able to, so you need the speed burst to teach them to play fast, it doesnt matter if what you are playing is sloppy, as long as you get your muscles moving at a higher speed...and then once you have done this, go back to playing at the lower speed.

At the slower speed everything should be perfectly accurate, with no sloppyness at all, this trains our muscles how to move, while the speed bursts train your muscles to move fast, and then over time these will come together, where you will be able to play at the faster speed while being accurate