Are we allowed to fear what we don?t know about? If it is inevitable then can I worry about it? Insomnia brings out the worst in me. The cigarettes and sunrise are the only friends I have at 6 in the morning, oh and lets not forget all these awful ideas and thoughts

I know I properly shouldn?t be afraid of the things I can?t change but I can?t be the only one who fears loss. It is in me and all of us to wonder what will happen to us during this life and beyond it but do I want to think of it sort of but it kind of scares me to my center

I can hear all these people go to work. There?s a story in every car. On the surface there all the same but past the skin are the demons that we all deep inside hoping that no one will find them but doesn?t that make us all the same

Now my bare feet against the new pavement is starting to hurt and my throat is beginning to burn. The sky is quickly changing, the night dies but in this death something beautiful comes form this hope
some good ideas
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The above has it on the spot, amazingly.

I would love to see you take an idea from that first stanza, for example "Are we allowed to fear the inevitable?" And make a fully-blown piece from it.

Because, for me, this random collection of thoughts didn't make a good piece of writing. It made a good brainstorm, if you will, of ideas. that's all, as a piece of writing it didn't click with me.

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